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I won't be able to cover all the songs in this great set but wanted to briefly focus on a few choice tracks which are among my favorites. In 1972 she ventured into music and at the age of 18, Kobayashi released her first single 「The song has been covered a lot by other Asian artists including a Japanese version by Alan Tam Wing Lun, a Cantonese version by Grasshopper (retitled "Rainy Days") and an interesting re-arrangement by HK singer/actress Faye Wong.

J-Canuck has already posted entries for some of the songs featured in this collection, including 松任谷由実/Matsutoya Yumi is credited for writing/translating the lyrics for the Japanese version and even did a cover of the song in her 2003 album 『Yuming Compositions: FACES』. My favorite alternate cover has to be by the J-Rock group Kra, who put a gothic "Visual Kei" spin on the song.

Videos are from You Tube and other sources such as Nico Nico while Oricon rankings and other information are translated from the Japanese Wikipedia unless noted.

I don't buy too many CDs nowadays opting mostly to get most of my music via i Tunes however when I recently came across this CD at Amazon Japan, I just had to get it.

The only time his face got close to a smile was during the performance of "Fantastipo" with Taichi.

Kin Ki Kids performed "Garasu no Shounen" with Do Ts looking very out of it.

I've been a fan of Japanese popular music for over 35 years, and have managed to collect hundreds of CDs during that time.

Kagoshima Prefecture native Mayumi Tomoko was discovered by Talent Scouts while shopping in the trendy Harajuku district and quickly signed to a singing and modeling contract.

Kinda sucks that whoever sells the most gets more airtime. Remember when KAT-TUN ruled the world - or at least Japan?

What I like about them is that they always look like they're enjoying their job (as of late, lets forget Matsu Jun's rebellious period) and that's what the audience want to see, smiles, cos god knows real life sucks enough ass.

Not much information is available on the group DU-PLEX but suffice to say that the G. Orange version of the song did better than the Japanese version.

On the whole however despite some odd choice, this was a great find and a nice compilation of Japanese covers.

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