Mutya buena dating

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’ and they steam into ‘Freak Like Me’, Siobhán now singing the Heidi Range lead part as she did at the well-reviewed Scala gig earlier this month.

I sit and watch from the balcony, fascinated, at a whole new chapter in a soap opera that’s rolled on for 15 years — more than half their lives.

Asked why the group was a hotbed of discontent, they paint pictures of a world entirely controlled by ‘the adults’, a shape-shifting army of management, parents, guardians, minders, label and studio personnel. ‘It’s all hormones and stuff like that and I didn’t know how to express myself, to be honest, as I was only 13 years old! Now we’ve been able to rebuild a fresh new adult relationship where we’re clear about how we feel about things.

If you’re given the impression that your band is a brand and its three members just replaceable units, it doesn’t tend to make for warm interpersonal harmony. There’s none of that suspicion that “you’re just here to get famous off me”.’ The legality of the situation is still tangled.

’ Mutya Keisha Siobhán take the stage in this tiny studio to rehearse the new single ‘Flatline’ to an audience of two.

The whole thing has the strange, cautiously excited air of a school reunion, three girls with bad memories of the place, but who now have something powerfully bonding in common. ’ ‘As a teenager you feel insecure and frustrated that your voice isn’t being heard,’ Keisha chips in.

They step up to their microphones, they move in sync, they harmonise, they swap wide-eyed sideways looks of delight.

Their backing band fires up the riff to Gary Numan’s ‘Are Friends Electric?

In January she married her long-term boyfriend, financier Chris Mc Coy. You have to wear your mike 24 hours a day, you even have one hanging down over your bed. Compliment other people.’ Siobhán: ‘Be strong enough to be yourself.

Mutya released some solo records, including ‘Song 4 Mutya (Out of Control)’ with Groove Armada, split up with Jay, the father of her child, and got stuck into various profile-sustaining TV slots such as after 15 days of incarceration. You’re not too sure what the time is and if you get your rations taken off you, you lose control of yourself. Don’t let people divert you too far from that path because the minute you do, you’ve moved an inch and then you’ve moved a mile, and then you don’t know who you are or what you’re doing.’ Mutya: ‘Make sure you have the right support and backing.

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