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Backstage, the grizzled road crew of the day's other musical guest, prog-rockers Coheed and Cambria, is unimpressed. "I'm horribly uncomfortable with being the frontman," Stump says, looking horribly uncomfortable as he sits Indian-style on a leather couch.

His endearing look combines mutton-chop sideburns, thick glasses, an ever-present hat and a slight paunch.

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He admits to deliberately slurring Wentz's lyrics to "make them sound better." (A much-circulated Internet parody transcribes one garbled line as "lonely dark cock that's going and pulling." The actual lyric, for the record, is "A loaded God complex/Cock it and pull it.") "I was trying to do a straight punk song for fun," Stump remembers. But there was something about the rhythm of it, where I was like, ' Hmm, that actually might be too good for just a shitty punk song." After recording his vocals for the tune, Stump turned to Andy Hurley, 25, the band's intense, bespectacled, vegan drummer.

"Look at this," he says, gesturing at a nonexistent crowd. "Wentz isn't delusional – he's just in the wrong country.

Eight days earlier and 3,000 miles away, a chorus of high-pitched voices screams "Pete!

So, they do the only thing they can think of - they go home.

end of this, and he can't say he knows quite what he's doing.

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