Episcopal priests and dating would like to meet dating advice show

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Records of baptisms, burials, and marriages can most likely be found at the church where the event took place.

For information from these records, you would have to contact the appropriate congregation or the diocese directly.

We do not maintain contact information for the children and/or descendants of Episcopal clergy.

-1400Fax -7932 The records of the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel (SPG) contain papers of clergy who served as missionaries of the Church of England in the colonial period.Your chances of receiving a reply are better if you do not ask broad questions or provide unnecessary details of your family history.If the church no longer exists, the records could be located in either the archives of the diocese, or in some cases, in a local repository of manuscript collections.Personnel files also contain confidential personal information.The policy of the Archives is to close all personnel records for a period of 80 years.

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