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But despite the light-heartedness of the game, there might be something totally sinister going on behind closed doors.Googling “Joseph Cult Ending” will result in a mysterious script that will have you questioning things like “why are there all these single dads on one street?

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If they keep up the communication, they’ll be just fine.Choose carefully, as you want to end each date with an “S” ranking to ensure a satisfying conclusion to your dad-ventures!While there are many possible relationships with dashingly good-looking dads, there’s an additional relationship that you have to foster – the one with your daughter, Amanda.She’s just about on her way to college, and your relationship with her is a quirky one based on a plethora of inside jokes and pizza.They’re still figuring out what their relationship will look like in the future, but right now, they’re more focused on taking things day by day.

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