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So he specializes in doing demolition photos, which is pretty cool. Watch a video of Rick Drew exploring Chicago's abandoned Damen Silos: CT: What do you tell people before they go urban exploring?

CT: What do you think is the most iconic or impressive abandoned site in Chicago? RD: If you’re going into a place for the first time, always try to find someone who’s been there before so they can act as a guide for you. I always say go with three people because if someone gets hurt, someone can stay with them and then someone else can go and get help.

Freelance photographer Rick Drew has been delving into abandoned buildings in and around the Chicago area for the past decade.

One of the girls in the group, she was still down the hall, so she took out her card, hid it in her bra, put a blank card in the camera and formatted the blank card.But the hobby comes with a host of hassles and is considered by some as simple trespassing."Chicago Tonight" asked Drew, who leads the group Chicagoland Urbex Photography, about his eccentric – and sometimes dangerous – pastime.The best backdrop you can have is a real, crumbling building.CT: Tell us about some of the visual effects you use in your photography.

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