Dating a cancer sign man

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These two would certainly never be friends, though they might be lovers for a while.

Degree of Marriage: This combination can work if the Gemini man lets the Cancer female stay at home all the time while he’s out running around doing his thing.

Degree of Friendship: Cancer looks for affection more than friendship, and being sheltered more than sheltering.

Gemini believes in high exposure, risk-taking, and living on the edge.

This is not to suggest that Gemini is unfaithful, but they need a very long leash to engage in their important social activities and networking.

The relationship works if she builds her life around her children, mother, siblings, and other relatives who need more constant companionship than he does.Caveat: Geminis is the sign we vote most likely to leave a woman standing at the altar.Progression of Relationship: Gemini is sporadic and inconstant even in courtship.Most women you can conquer with the blarney stone, but the Cancer lady wants deeds not words.She will expect you to back up your promises by your actions. How to Attract a Gemini Man as a Cancer Woman: The Queen of Beguiles meets the King of Wiles.

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