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In many countries, the poster as a medium of information was unknown before the emergence and identification of the HIV virus. Red ribbon is an internationally recognized symbol. Here the classic sign of danger - the skull, depicts the perils of AIDS and HIV virus. Hong Kong, Blocking out the facts won't make them go away. This poster is a classic example of Hong Kong's 'east meets west' sensibility.

With a disease involving sexuality and sexual behavior deeply rooted in culture and tradition, messages to raise awareness and encourage preventive behavior have varied depending on the intended audience. By wearing it, a message of conscience and caring is sent to all people infected with HIV and the ones taking care of them. The paradox is in the series of nude women positioned form the image of the skull. The caption 'blocking facts won't make them go away' is a very common and practical English phrase. Hope for a better tomorrow by living a better today.

The work was curated primarily using the AIDs poster archive belonging to poster dealer and collector, James Lapides, International Poster Gallery, Boston, plus posters donated to the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston. The poster depicts a brightly rendered quilt of cartoon characters set in a timeline narrative that communicates to a wide range of ages and genders, as both an adolescent and an adult can equally relate to the lifestyle portrayed in the imagery. He saw the Frare photograph in Life Magazine and suggested that Benetton include it in their advertising campaign. Unlike many generic AIDS awareness posters, this poster does not sexualize the figures, particularly that of the female, but instead the couple is shown simply and conservatively dressed.

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Uganda School Health Kit on AIDS Control (Item 6) Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health (AIDS Control Programme), Unicef Kampala_English. The sharp diagonal of the text cautioning 'AIDS never sleeps' further frames and brings emphasis to the syringe laden wings of this salacious creature intensifying the poster's message to be beware that drug addiction that can lead to HIV infection through the sharing of needles.

The poster has played a special role in promoting AIDS awareness and safe sex education across cultures different aims, messages, visual metaphors, and strategies have strongly influenced the content and design of AIDS posters. Caritas-Egypt AIDS Intervention Unit, Centre for AIDS Awareness and Consultation. Please wear the red ribbon on the World Aids Day, or any day of the year.' This poster image suggests the red ribbon symbol as a binding 'hug' of caring and commitment. The aesthetics of the nude figures draws the attention of the viewer while the 'skull' symbolizes the consequences of unprotected sex. Creative Director: Erik Vervroegen, Art Director: Marianne Fonferrier / Stephanie Thomasson, Photography: Eric Traor, inspired by a photograph made by Philippe Halsman in 1951. Here it is applied to the Chinese sensibility of ignoring 'unpleasant or socially unacceptable' matters.

These messages can successfully reach specific targeted groups because the poster as a medium is cheap and easy to produce locally. This illustrative poster depicts AIDS as lethal as the 'eternal fire from hell' -it can engulf the viewer and the world in its ferocity if correct steps and measures are taken to ensure safety and health. AIDS Day is a moment to commemorate people with AIDS and their loved ones who take care of them. The target audience for this poster would be a 'regular' client of sex workers in Hong Kong, where it is often common practice to have sex without a condom. 41.8 x 56.8 cm India, My husband has gone to the city to make more money, I hope he does not contract AIDS while he is there.

Together the monkeys "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil".

The poster is a modern day embodiment of 'the three wise monkeys', a pictorial proverb.

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